Second Positive Phototropism Results from Coordinated Co-Action of the Phototropins and Cryptochromes


Phototropism and hypocotyl growth inhibition are modulated by the coaction of different blue-light photoreceptors and their signaling pathways. How seedlings integrate the activities of the different blue-light photoreceptors to coordinate these hypocotyl growth responses is still unclear. We have used time-lapse imaging and a nontraditional mathematical approach to conduct a detailed examination of phototropism in wild-type Arabidopsis and various blue-light photoreceptor mutants. Our results indicate that high fluence rates of blue light (100 μmol m–2 s–1) attenuate phototropism through the coaction of the phototropin and cryptochrome blue-light photoreceptors. In contrast, we also demonstrate that phototropins and cryptochromes function together to enhance phototropism under low fluence rates (<1.0 μmol m–2 s–1) of blue light. Based on our results, we hypothesize that phototropins and cryptochromes regulate phototropism by coordinating the balance between stimulation and inhibition of growth of the hypocotyl depending on the fluence rate of blue light.

In Plant Physiology