I regularly teach:

  • BIOL 150: General Biology I
  • BIOL 254: Introduction to Botany
  • BIOL 315: Genetics
  • SCNC 389: Scientific Reading and Writing
  • BIOL 405: Biometry
  • BIOL 454: Plant Physiology
  • CHEM 460: Biochemistry

I have also taught:

  • BIOL 151: General Biology II
  • RNG 350: Range Plant Identifcation
  • BIOL 415: Ecology
  • BIOL 390: Research I
  • BIOL 491: Senior Seminar

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  • Translation initiation factor 3 families: what are their roles in regulating cyanobacterial and chloroplast gene expression?

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  • PLASTID MOVEMENT IMPAIRED1 mediates ABA sensitivity during germination and implicates ABA in light-mediated Chloroplast movements

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  • The role of a 14-3-3 protein in stomatal opening mediated by PHOT2 in Arabidopsis.

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  • Changes in leaf optical properties associated with light-dependent chloroplast movements.

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  • A mutation in Arabidopsis seedling plastid development1 affects plastid differentiation in embryo-derived tissues during seedling growth.

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