Hello world! Building a Website Using Blogdown

When I was searching for a tenure-track position in 2010, I built a personal web page that contained a few pictures and my CV. I never really wanted to learn about css pages or html, so I built that webpage using flash using a tutorial I found online. It was OK, but I never really did anything with it after landing a TT position.

This website will act to document my thoughts and progress on various projects. It is generally written for myself, but hopefully it will be helpful for others.

To create this website, I followed Alison Presmanes Hill’s excellent tutorial, which is written for academics like me who don’t fully understand the internal workings of web development. I strongly recommend it to others interested in creating a website.

I could not get the newest version of the hugo academic theme to build on netlify. So I downloaded Alison’s website repo from github and built my site from her files. The older version of the hugo-academic theme is easier to change to the color scheme and font that I wanted.